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I'm Hannah Marie. I blog what I like so if you dont like it, get off my page. Hope you all love it. I love Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries. And my new obsession, fanfic. Judge me. MN. Enjoy Yourselves.

October 1, 2012 →


"Blowing out eighteen cheap candles on a cake may not seem like much, but it is a remarkable statement to the truth that Cindy and I have somehow made it this far. As I watched my little girl take in a substantial gulp of oxygen, I was inclined to breathe in with her in preparation for one of the…

January 7, 1997


"Sometimes, when she breathes air into her lungs, I feel as if she doesn’t realize that she is taking me in as well. Oftentimes, I wonder if I alone would be enough to sustain her. This line of thinking usually brings reality washing over me in the most agonizing form: the reminder that I never have, nor will I ever be enough for her."

March 14, 2004


"When I look at her now, it is more out of wonder than pride. The world is a treacherous place, full of so many things that bring out a complete absence of light. Yet, she shines. She is a star enveloped by absolute darkness, but she does not let her surroundings determine her self-worth. My little star is the brightest star, and it makes me appreciate the abyss surrounding her. For, without the darkness, how would a star shine?"

10 seasons. 200 episodes. 2 brothers. No fear.

(Source: kiers-walker, via supernaturaldaily)


So the Supernatural Facebook page just posted the top photo with the caption “I’m proud of us”. Well done SPN fandom, 15 million likes, that’s rea- wait a minute…









How about these sexy sneakypeak caps???? *DEAAAAAAAD*


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